Our face is the most prominent part of our body. The facial skin is quite sensitive and soft; it requires double attention like regular application of moisturiser and sunscreen etc. We do everything possible to make it worth noticing. A major beauty clouding factor for this most observed body part is unsightly hair which can easily blur your personality. Considering the sensitivity of the facial skin, a lot of people are skeptical of Laser Hair Removal treatment.

They think that the intensity of the laser energy can damage the delicate skin and bring about serious problems.


A Life-changing Experience

But little do they know that Laser Hair Removal for the face is a flawless way to get rid of facial hair for a long time and give you soft, smooth and even-toned skin. It is a safe procedure and works absolutely fine for all genders.

Going for conventional methods like shaving will only result in you dealing with nicks & cuts, ingrown hair, rashes and bleeding. Most importantly, you have to shave your face every day or every other day to save you from the 5′ o’clock look. It is a life-changing experience for many, not only for our clients but all those who’ve gone for it.



Laser Hair Removal for Face

Obviously, you can’t bear the torture of waxing on your face, but people opt for threading to get rid of the excessive hair from the face…. Well, I must commend their courage. On the other hand, going for the Laser Hair Removal means a painless, lasting and safe treatment to enjoy a silky smooth and soft complexion.

We all know that LHR gives great results for unwanted hair on all body parts. So, why not the face? It is an understood fact that regular shaving or hormonal imbalance (in females) results in hair becoming stubborn. Still, modern lasers zap them in a couple of sessions, giving you significantly smooth and hairless skin.




How does it work?

Laser Hair Removal for the face works just like it does for other body parts. The concentrated beams emitting from the laser target the hair follicles to destroy their growth cycle. This way, it disables future hair growth. Although you may not get perfect results from the very first session, a few sessions from a reliable service provider give you noticeable results.

After a complete treatment of multiple sessions suggested by the laser practitioner, you don’t have to do repeated shaves. Why? Because LHR gives long-lasting results. You can say goodbye to painful cuts, irritation, rashes and bleeding. Most importantly, no more ingrown hairs, which turn out to be quite annoying.




Hirsutism is a condition that refers to the condition where women experience excessive hair on the face or anywhere on the body. All genders experience facial and body hair, but hair growth in women is normally fine and light in colour. However, hirsutism is a condition where hair grows to be thick and dark.



How does Hirsutism develop?

According to studies, in females, it develops as a result of higher than normal levels of male hormones, including testosterone. It is caused by medical conditions like adrenal gland disorders and PCOS; Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. These conditions are known to be the basis of hormonal changes in the body.



Modern-day lasers to the rescue

At The Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Central London, we know how concerning this condition can be. This is why we only use up-to-date Syneron Candela Lasers – at our state-of-the-art clinics − to liberate you from the unwanted hair on your body and facial areas that can cause emotional distress.

Our powerful and highly effective laser equipment, owing to its customizability and multiple spot sizes, works best on all areas of the body. Moreover, the downtime is negligible, with very few chances of side effects.

After getting the treatment from our highly understanding and extensively qualified laser practitioners, you’ll see that unsightly hair has vanished from your body. Moreover, you get smooth, silky, even-toned hair-free care-free skin, which can never be achieved by shaving.



Contact The Laser Hair Removal Clinic today

If you got questions or concerns in your mind or want to know which type of laser would be best suited to your skin type, book a free, no-obligation consultation with us. This consultation also includes patch testing to confirm whether you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.

During the consultation, our friendly staff will guide you about all aspects involved in the treatment, like how LHR works, the type of laser used, why our treatment is safe and how effective it is.

Moreover, we’ll guide you about the aftercare precautions, the number of treatments required, how to prepare your skin and many more intricacies.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that we are a bunch of highly qualified and experienced aesthetic practitioners who’ll take care of every minute detail before, during and after the treatment. By choosing us, you’ll have a stress-free treatment, the best in the UK.




Additional factors that make us the Right Choice

  • Same day appointments
  • Doctor administered treatments
  • Use of latest Laser Equipment like Alexandrite and Nd: YAG
  • We don’t use IPL treatments disguised as Laser procedures
  • Our treatments include ingrown hairs eradication
  • Highly skilled and knowledgeable aestheticians
  • We provide treatments for all genders
  • Thick terminal hairs are also destroyed
  • We specialise in all kinds of skin types, including Asian & Black Skin
  • You get smooth, baby soft skin