Time to bite the bullet and ditch razor and waxes forever!

 When shaving and waxing become too laborious, plucking continues to hurt like a scorpion sting, and epilating that feels like a modern agony, women sighed with relief when laser hair removal gained the confidence of all world’s renowned experts and celebrities.

Laser hair removal prevents future growth of hair and destroys hair follicles with its highly-targeted laser beam.

As the procedure is considered a luxury venture, the efficiency and effectiveness of laser hair removal have been helped along by both celebrities and low prices. Cardi B and Kim Kardashian are amongst those who’ve become more vocal about the benefits of this multipurpose treatment.

The stunning and ever so gorgeous, Kim has been very blunt about her laser hair removal journey. The fact is, the procedure has been aired on the show “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” She took her laser duties seriously and made laser hair removal a part of her beauty regime.

As Khloe Kardashian hasn’t had the most pleasant experience with the process, like her sister, she developed the same optimistic viewpoint for laser hair removal.

Usually, celebrities have a propensity for keeping up with beauty advancements, and they logically figured out all the strong points of laser treatments. I think if they are admiring this type of hair removal method, then there is no reason for us never to use it.

But still, for your assurance, I would like to prove why laser hair removal is the best way of removing hair. So, stop kicking the can down the road and pick up what I’m going to put down…

Forget about plucking, shaving and waxing!

Just sit down and try to think “how much time do I spend on plucking, waxing or shaving?” and “how much pain do I have to put up with it?”.

It’s time to save time!

Laser hair removal will save you several hours you spend in the bathroom and save you from having ingrown hairs and unpleasant cuts.

Little to no side effects

The procedure does involve few, little to no side effects. You may experience the side effects for a few days or less. Unlike waxing, shaving or other conventional hair removal methods, you’ll limit your chances of developing blistering, swelling, scarring, irritation or redness.

Results are steadfast and guaranteed

Laser hair removal delivers the reliable and guaranteed results you need. The procedure is completed with advanced technology.

As long as it is used by an experienced professional, you’ll see jaw-dropping results in the removal of your unwanted facial and body hair. In just 3-7 sessions, the treatment will make you a Hollywood-ready darling.

It removes hair from any part of your body

The laser can be applied on any part of your body such as the lower and upper back, navel areas, stomach, underarms, chest and nipples, face, brows, arms and hands, legs and feet…You name it, it will continue to do all.

Be ready to replenish your piggy bank with savings

Although laser hair removal treatments are expensive than shaving or waxing, per se, the guaranteed results of the procedure mean that you’ll no longer need to fork out on regular shaving with razors, wax sessions or depilatory creams.

If you choose laser hair removal over the said methods, you’ll save a considerable amount of money in your piggy bank.

Don’t be concerned about ingrown hairs

Bury all your concerns about ingrown hairs in the sand. Laser hair removal will not only keep you from irritation, laser burns and unsightly and painful ingrown hairs but also improve the already-existing ones.

Fast, but reliable sessions

Although procedure times may vary based on the size of the area you want to treat, the duration doesn’t go over 60 minutes in general. The ace in the hole is, you can fit your session into your lunch break.

Facial hair is a thing of the past!

The appearance of hair on the lip is equally distressing. Women with moustaches are not unanimously admired. If you are suffering from too much hair in that area, you may probably have tried all sorts of solutions, say, depilatory cream.

I have no idea how often the Kardashians have undergone this procedure, but one thing is for sure that none of them ever appear with a line of hairs anywhere on their faces.

Kardashians influence

Celebrities are always the ones who lead the way when it comes to beauty treatments and fashion. As they are universally admired for their looks and style, the Kardashians influence the masses with their choices for their bodies and what procedure they choose.

After the obvious success of Kardashians sisters’ in laser hair removal, many people are following in their footsteps to seek the same procedures.

What’s the next step if you live in London?

If you live in London, then why not get your hands on the Expert App and pop in for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your hair removal needs. The Expert App is housed with London’s most renowned and reputable laser hair removal clinics that have been trusted by Londoners.

When you compare shaving and waxing with laser hair removal, it is obvious which one brings satisfaction and the best results. Start reaping the benefits of laser hair removal and forget about the other choices today!