Are you one of those millions of people considering Laser Hair Removal? Well, I suspect you must be going for it after reading the benefits of Laser Hair Removal or hearing about it from a close one, etc. It is so common for people to be lured into the treatment when the service providers assure a soft, smooth and stubble-free skin.

However, it is more than important to read everything involved in the process and figure out whether the treatment is viable for you or not. It isn’t a hidden fact that people are now turning away from the conventional ways of hair removal like shaving, waxing, threading and tweezing, etc. and looking for a permanent way to get their body hair removed.

Our experts did extensive research about LHR (Laser Hair Removal) and found a number of things other than the benefits. So, we thought, why not share them with you as well. Let’s get rolling!

Things you Need to Know before getting Laser Hair Removal Done:

1.LHR may seem painful, but it isn’t

The group medical director at the skin clinics, Dr Daron Seukeran says that the LHR process involves the sending of the beam of light through the hair pigment. This light is then converted into heat energy which is responsible for damaging the hair follicle and hair bulb.

Describing his own experience, Dr Daron says that the pain felt during the treatment can be referred to as a quick and sharp feeling which had more intensity when the laser was targeted at thinner skin like my nose, chin and temples.

I was quite lucky as the laser used on me had a cooling mechanism which meant everything was under control, and my skin had never felt a heated sensation during the procedure. By cooling mechanism, I mean to say that a cold blast of air was run precisely where the laser was pointed.

You are also going to find the process more painful in case you are already heated up by rushing towards the clinic to be on time for the treatment. Simply saying heat released from the laser plus your body heat is going to result in more heat.

We suggest you not to rush towards the clinic and take your time before the treatment. Reach half an hour earlier so that you have enough time to relax and cool down.

2.You got to be patient

Realistically speaking, you may have to wait 12-18 days after the first session to see a difference. Also, to see permanent results, you may have to wait for 6-8 treatments. When I went for LHR, I noticed visible results after two treatments and around 8 weeks.

You need to be regular in your appointments, and you cannot afford to miss a session. Being regular in your sessions means that all the hair follicles, whatever growth stage they are in, are zapped.

3.Shave or trim your hair before LHR

If the hairs on the surface of the skin are not trimmed or shaved, they can burn due to the laser light and may also cause irritation. The burning smell caused by hair burning can be disturbing, and you will have to bear with it in case you haven’t heeded this thing. Make sure you shave or trim so that you don’t have to face this mess.

4.It is a fast process

Dr Daron says that his full-face treatment only cost him 20 minutes only. And this included a quick chat at the start and added to that the makeup removal before the expert went ahead. There are a few areas of the body that tale less than 5 minutes and you are done. These areas are upper and lower lips, the area around the eyes and chin, etc.

5.No gym, saunas and hot baths

As you know, the laser light converts into heat energy and acts on the hair follicles. This heat tends to stay inside your skin for at least 18 to 24 hours. So, you go to stay at home and skip your gym, sauna, hot shower for one day. If you don’t take a day off, you aren’t doing any good to your skin as more heat can lead to ugly looking spots on the areas where you had laser treatment.

6.Sun never takes a day off, think about it

Sunbaths and exposing your body to the sun before and after the treatment are prohibited. If you have had tanning, you will have to wait for a few days, till it fades, before the treatment, it can be done. The dermatologist will ask you not to expose your skin to the harsh rays of the skin, before and after the laser. This may directly affect your skin negatively. Stay indoors!

7.The laser can be responsible for more growth as well

Jokes apart but this is reality. Some hair types after the laser treatment grow long and thick than before. However, if your dermatologist is an experienced and well qualified, they will thoroughly examine your skin hair, and if found unsuitable, they won’t go ahead.

8.It’s time to double-check your skincare products

Experts would suggest you not to use glycolic acid, retinol creams and scrubs a couple of days before and after the treatment. You should also add facial mists and moisturizers to your skincare products after the treatment as the skin can turn to be more dry than normal.

Your dermatologist will also suggest you avoid chemical peels 2 weeks before and after the treatment.

9.LHR comes with various benefits

You will be ecstatic to know that LHR actually has several benefits apart from the clear, smooth and hairless body. It helps with the irritating AF ingrown hairs. Not only that, permanent hair reduction and less irritation are some of the other benefits associated with this treatment. It also helps in eliminating ingrown hairs as the hair are forced to grow straighter after the laser treatment.

10.No plucking, dyeing or waxing

You are not allowed to pluck, wax, or bleach once you are done with the process of LHR. These things hinder the process. If you want to stay hairless throughout the process and between the treatment sessions, you are allowed to shave and trim your hair.

Some things to know before having laser hair removal treatment

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