The laser hair removal market is projected to exceed $1.3 billion in the year 2022.

Have you ever tried waxing? You must know how torturous the entire process is. While shaving isn’t a permanent solution and you have to shave your hair time and again to appear hairless. Also, fear of ingrown hair goes hand in hand with shaving. Thinking of plucking or threading? Ah, come on! It’s painful, time-consuming and you cannot bear the pain of thousands of hairs being plucked, mostly one at a time.

What about going for Laser Hair Removal? Have you ever tried it? It is the latest and most reliable hair removal method going around, which gives you results for a long time. And that too, with no pain involved. Yes, there are people around you who will tell you not to go for this as laser beams can be dangerous for your skin, and according to them, the entire process is painful.

Let us tell you, your skin is at no danger when exposed to lasers involved in the hair removal process. The same stands true for pain, you won’t be experiencing any pain at all. Don’t believe anyone, just try it yourself, and your perception about the LHR will change completely. In fact, hair removal, with the help of laser, when done by experienced people and at leading clinics, can be quite relaxing.

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Still confused? Let us take you through some of the major and compelling benefits of Laser Hair Removal. We are sure that once you go through them, you will definitely book an appointment.

1.Say Goodbye to Torturous Waxing and Razor Cuts

Shaving is the most common method of hair removal, and it comes with razor burns, nicks and cuts and bumps on the skin. And everyone experiences it. For instance, you are suffering from acne, pimples or anything which results in bumps, etc., you surely cannot shave your skin. A laser is the only option you are left with.

Laser hair removal is considered safe when it comes to the conditions mentioned above and once you are done with the complete treatment; there will be a peace of mind that you won’t have to rub sharp razors on your skin after every couple of days. The results are long-lasting. Also, you won’t have to deal with the pain involved in waxing and threading. It is a painless method!

2. It is Cost-effective; in the Long Run

LHR is a long-term solution against unwanted, unsightly and ugly dark hair. This is why it is considered as a cost-effective option. There won’t be any need for buying expensive razors, replacement blades, the highly-priced shaving creams and aftershave lotions. The same is the case if you used to remove hairs by waxing; no need to buy waxing strips and going to a salon and pay for the specialist’s fees.

Just think of all the shaving and waxing items you buy in a month, bi-annually or in a year, at the end of the day, the laser hair removal process will seem to be pocket-friendly. It is a fact that the upfront costs of LHR may be very high, but when you think from a long-term perspective, this option will save you a lot of money.


The high level of precision is one of the main advantages linked with LHR. This process is perfectly capable of targeting dark and coarse hair in a specified area without affecting the nearby skin. Now, you may be missing the precision factor in waxing or shaving. While the laser beams are targeted on your skin, it may feel a bit sensitive, however, the best thing is that the laser beams target the follicle and destroy it so that new hair growth can be stopped.

4.No Hair Growth Needed

When you book an appointment for waxing, you cannot shave body parts like arms and legs before the process. So, if your expert is busy or for any other reason the appointment gets delayed, you will have to deal with hairy legs for a long period which can be distressing.

This is where the hair removal process using the laser is different. They don’t require hair growth to work efficiently. If you feel the need to shave your specific body part before the appointment, you are allowed to do it, and there won’t be any adverse effects of it.

5.LHR means Lower Chances of Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hairs affect everyone, and they can be really annoying and painful as well. Tell you what, people who shave with utmost care also get them. However, the laser doesn’t cause ingrown hair as it doesn’t tug on hairs as shaving does. So, by opting for this advanced method of hair removal, you will be free from the menacing ingrown hairs.

No ingrown hairs mean no ugly bumps on your skin. This is the perfect treatment for women who are touchy when it comes to ingrown hairs around the bikini line. The laser targets the already present ingrown hairs on your skin, resolving them quicker than normal.

6.Quick Treatments

It is a fact that you may have to go through multiple sessions to gain permanent results, but these treatments are quick and don’t take much time. So if you are busy and living a hectic life, put aside all other hair removal methods and turn to this futuristic method.

Larger areas like legs and back may take around 45 minutes, but smaller areas like upper lips and around the eye area can be treated within a couple of minutes. So the time saved by ditching conventional methods can be spent on more productive tasks, or you can have some more quality time with friends and family.

7.LHR Comes with Minimal Side Effects

People are quite conscious when it comes to advance treatments like laser. The reason why LHR has gained so much popularity in the current times is that it doesn’t come with major side-effects like pain, time, razor burns, ingrown hair, inflammation and cuts involved in shaving, waxing and threading, etc.

Some people may feel sensitivity in their skin due to the laser beams, but this will subside in a matter of hours or a couple of days, at max. One risk associated with LHR is sunburn. Using cool packs, moisturisers and not exposing your skin to the sun can liberate you from this problem.

8.It Treats all Skin Types

A few years back, you ought to have fair skin and dark hair for laser to work best on your skin. This was because the laser targeted the follicles much better when there was a significant contrast between skin colour and hair.

However, those days are long gone, and with the advancement in the technology, laser hair removal is possible for all skin tones. You can easily find clinics that are equipped with the latest Laser facilities that are designed specifically for dark skin tones.

Some important things to know about laser hair removal process


With so many benefits associated with Laser Hair Removal, why would you still continue with the traditional and old school methods of shaving, waxing and threading? It’s time that you take full advantage of technology and enjoy a soft, smooth, hairless and flawless skin.